Check out the updated Roadmap!

We have done many things since launch, the next step is Lottery where everyone is a Winner! 💸 👑

Sounds impossible? Wait and see!

Hello Chads! The following graphics show how rewards are being distributed inside system. Take a moment and get yourself familiar with how to use our tokens.

Mangas token distribution

Chad token distribution

All three tokens explained

Virgin token — $VRGN

Virgin is a governance token with the following characteristics:

$VRGN will be used for:

  • Voting on how the story evolves trough time
  • Choosing themes for future seasons
  • Voting on new…

We have been working like ants! 🎴😉 🎲 🐜

While some people think ChadSquad is sleeping, we have been drawing, designing and coding!

CHADs, your patience has finally paid off! We can finally show you our first NFT cards.

First one — the nurse — it’s a rare card that represents a four-armed superhero nurse Nancy. You can see initial sketch and colored version…

October & November 2020

ChadSquad.Finance tokens 💰💰💰
VRGN (VIRGIN token), MGAS (ManGAS token), CHAD (CHAD token)

Tags → #nft #cards #website_redesign

Past Events — October 2020

  • 3 October website launched, smart contracts 📘 deployed and trading opened.
  • 4 October
    Farming 🚜 for MGAS and CHAD is open.
  • 5 October
    VIRGIN/ETH AND MGAS/ETH liquidity pools are…

Welcome Virgins and future Chads!

We are building Chad Investment Fund for buying NFTs, erc-20 tokens, burning tokens and more.



From Virgin to Chad

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