Welcome Virgins and future Chads!

Ouch ! I’m taking control over DeFi. You can’t do anything about it!

We are building Chad Investment Fund for buying NFTs, erc-20 tokens, burning tokens and more.


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Let Chad explain how this experiment works!

VIRGIN holders will be able to freely govern the protocol as they wish. The voting will have a function to execute bids, where the bid with the most votes at the end of a round will be chosen. VIRGIN holders can bid on anything community suggests.

Ouch! Explaining bids

👌 Bids are a set of instructions that relay what functions to call with the Voting Connector contract. In short — Options to vote for and their execution.

Chad on voting

Voting round — Create bids — Vote which bid will be executed.

💘 Voters will choose what is the smallest amount of VIRGIN that gives you voting power 🍭

Chad will continuously burn ManGAS used as a fee for voting.

Half of rewards claimed from ManGAS will also be swapped for CHAD in order to provide rewards for individuals that provide liquidity to VIRGIN. Providing VIRGIN/ETH Liquidity will be a good option for smaller holders that may not want to participate in voting.

More about ChadSquad

Timelock = Rugpull NOT possible

Timelock is a feature that delays the changes which are about to happen. Every change made in the system will take two (2) days to manifest (defined in the Smart Contract). When developers want to change how system works, the changes will be visible to public before they go live. Anyone can look at the contract and understand what incoming changes are going to be, then adapt accordingly.

Timelock example:

1. Team wants to take your ETH
2. Function is executed in contract to move ETH to other wallet
3. Timelock gets activated
4. Function is stuck in pending phase for 2 days 🔃
5. During that period everyone can see what the function is about to do and they can adapt on time
6. If users notice suspicious behaviour, they can take out their LP tokens and their ETH 💰
7. Two days go by and the function gets deployed but there are no LP tokens anymore so the team gets 0 ETH.


Every DeFi project needs a Timelock. Timelock=NO Rugpull possible.

No Liquidity Lock

Get in and out anytime you want. Long-term LP providers will be rewarded! Pure community driven liquidity.

Word of Warning

ChadSquad.finance is DeFi experiment. Tokens have no real value. Use at your own risk!

No Presale

Visit ChadSquad.finance for more info or join our Telegram group with 24/7 support.

From Virgin to Chad