Token Economics — ChadSquad

2 min readOct 23, 2020

All three tokens explained

Virgin token — $VRGN

Virgin is a governance token with the following characteristics:

$VRGN will be used for:

  • Voting on how the story evolves trough time
  • Choosing themes for future seasons
  • Voting on new NFTs and their design
  • Producing $MGAS (ManGAS) with $VRGN/ETH liquidity pool
  • Competing in $VRGN/ETH liquidity pool providers leaderboards

More info on $VRGN:

ManGAS token — $MGAS

ManGAS is the main token for buying NFTs on ChadSquad platform. The token has these characteristics:

With $MGAS you will be able to:

  • Buy packages of NFTs or a single NFT
  • Produce $CHAD by staking $MGAS/ETH LP tokens
  • Compete in $MGAS/ETH liqudity pool providers leaderboards

More info on $MGAS:

Chad token — $CHAD

Chad token will be used in a special lottery contests. One $CHAD will be equal to one lottery ticked. The more $CHADs you have the bigger are the chances of winning the best prize. Winners will receive unique NFTs. The 1st prize will be an NFT that only has a supply of one (1). We are still discusing how many rewards are there going to be.

Chad token information:

More info on $CHAD: